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 The  7 churches 
of Revelation

In the Book of Revelation, Chapters 2 and 3, Jesus sent a message to seven churches through Apostle John.  While those messages concern the churches in Asia Minor of John's day, they also each prophetically portray, through symbols, the condition of the church throughout history. Join us for 7 nights, as the speaker presents the message Jesus has for His church today!

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The seven messages each have 6 parts. Each message begins with Jesus addressing the specific church by name. The second part begins with the phrase, "These things says...", in which Jesus introduces Himself to each church using descriptions and symbols. Next, Jesus gives an appraisal of the church.  Then He counsels the church how to get out of its predicaments.  Finally, each message concludes with an appeal to hear the Spirit's message and with promises to the overcomers.

Sunday, November 14th - Ephesus - "The Loveless Church"

Monday, November 15th - Smyrna - "The Persecuted Church"

Tuesday, November 16th - Pergamum - "The Compromising Church"

Wednesday, November 17th - Thyatira - "The Apostate Church"

Thursday, November 18th - Sardis - "The Lifeless Church"

Friday, November 19th - Philadelphia - "The Faithful Church"

Saturday, November 20th - Laodicea - "The Lukewarm Church"

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